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Please see below a list of the new pots added to the Medley Pots range this winter.
All our pots will now include 3mm braided bait bags.  
Also changed is the binding rope to a split film rope, as suggested by our trusted customers.

New pots available from Medley Pots are:-

25” top entry creel 8” neck no parlour 10mm steel

27” top entry creel 10” neck no parlour 10mm steel

22” / 24” / 25” / 27” double soft eye creels, all in 12/14mm steel with plastic bases.

30” lightweight lobster and velvet parlour, based on our prawn parlour frame but in 10mm steel and 4mm x 60mm black pot netting.

32” double eye parlour creel, 1 soft eye x 1- 5” hard eye in 10mm steel

38” double 6” hard eye parlour creel, 10mm steel or plastic base with 12/14mm steel

40” x 22” double 6” hard eye parlour creel, 10mm steel or plastic base with 12/14mm steel

This will give us what I believe is the best and most comprehensive range of pots on the UK market to date. Please see October the 6th Fishing News for more details.
Times are changing.. We have been offered a full time sales roll by Medley Pots, which has been accepted. This will be the first ever full time shore job Chris has ever had, and he is excited to have chance to move the Medley pots brand into 2016.
We aim to introduce some new fully rigged designs and extend Medley's TRAD (traditional) pot range. Bringing back some older top entry designs and also some variations on the already successful Medley pots range.
The full range of plastic coated steel pot frames is available, please call for the specification you need and prices.
We will be offering a limited amount of netted only frames This is to suit the fishermen who want there own finish to the pots. Using either there old rope or just to make the pot more suited to there needs or fishing grounds.
The fully rigged pots we offer will continue and grow, offering prawn creels,prawn parlours, soft eye creels, top entry pots and more recently the side entry parlour pots. With fishermen's needs changing we aim to keep up with the current trends and make creels to suit.
As Chris has been a fishermen since leaving school (24 years ago now) he has built up a knowledge and understanding of the job. Chris said "Seeing both sides of the job gives me a much better understanding of what fishermen expect. I aim to help both customers and Medley Pots to get the gear people want when people need it. I've always enjoyed making better pots and understanding why they fish better each time. The slightest modifications make all the difference. You cant learn being ashore, you have to work the gear to get it right! " 
 Any questions or enquiries feel free to email, call or fill in the Contact Us form for further details.